Seeing God…2016

I’ve been pretty bad at this blogging thing in the past year.  As usual, lots of ideas, thoughts, concepts, and content, and very little “time.”  Time is just an excuse for priorities, and a conversation with my friend last Sunday struck me on how I’ve let some of my priorities slip.

My friend wants to start journaling.  He feels what when he writes down his thoughts, he does a better job of processing them.  I told him that I love to write, but don’t often get the chance, and he asked “why.”  Well, I didn’t have a good answer.  So I either need to find a good answer, or I need to write more.  And until a good answer magically appears, I guess I had better write.

2016 has been a tremendous year is many ways.  My new business flourished, friendships grew, and challenges abounded.  I did not carry my camera as much this year, and as 2016 closes and I reflect, I’m a little sad about that.  Like my writing, I don’t have a good excuse, so I guess I’d better pick it back up.  Until then, here are some of the highlights I captured of my year.  Hope you enjoy.


~ by archangel66 on December 20, 2016.

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